"Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine,
even the least of them, you did it to me."

Matthew 25:40 (NAS)


First Church seeks to answer God's call in mission, both locally and throughout the world.  Globally we support the One Great Hour of Sharing.   Locally we respond with hearts and hands, minds and money in service to our community.


First Presbyterian Mission Ministries:

  • "Seeds of Hope" Food Pantry. 

    Stocking Shelves First Presbyterian Church maintains a well-stocked food pantry.  We provide nutritional food and food products to those individuals and families, living in the region around the church.  The pantry is a partnership of New Hartford First Methodist,  New Hartford Presbyterian, Our Saviour Lutheran and Utica First Presbyterian Churches and is located in First Presbyterian Church at 1605 Genesee St. The pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

  • Clothes Closet. 

    Clothes Closet The clothes closet has a good selection of clean, serviceable clothing for those who have a need for such items.  Most sizes are available for adults, children, and infants.  The closet is located in First Presbyterian Church and is open on Thursday's  from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  If you have any clothing to donate for this very important mission, the closet is open every Wednesday morning to accept your donations.

  • Community Thanksgiving Dinner. 

    Getting Ready Every year, First Presbyterian Church prepares and serves Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone is invited to join us.  It's a time for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and also to join in fellowship with your neighbors.  For those individuals who are homebound and unable to come to church,  arrangements can be made in advance to have a complete meal delivered to your home.  Dinner is served from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Universal Pre-K at First Church and First Nursery School of Utica.  First Church assists the Nursery School by providing scholarship grants for some students.  Classrooms and offices are located within the facilities of First Church.  Universal Pre-K classes at First Church have an average enrollment of 80 students, attending for 5-half day sessions a week.  First Nursery School of Utica classes for 3-year old children are held three mornings a week.  For more information regarding UP-K and First Nursery School, or registration for your child, you may contact First Nursery School, 1605 Genesee St, Utica or call 315-797-6523.

  • Hope House.  Located at 130 Eagle St., Utica, Hope House is where the hungry and homeless of the inner-city can Hope House Logo go and rely upon at least one daily nutritional meal.  Hope House is open seven days a week, including weekends and holidays, to meet the need of their guests. Once a month, members of First Presbyterian Church, plan a meal, purchase the groceries, prepare and serve the dinner meal.  Generally we serve between 100 and 120 guests that evening.  You may visit Hope House or receive more information by contacting them at 130 Eagle St., Utica, NY;  Phone 315-793-3723, or visit them on the web at http://www.hopehouseutica.com

  • HealthFriends
    Provides immediate and long-term prescription medication for people without prescription insurance and without the means to purchase medications needed to achieve and maintain good health.  HealthFriends assists people in applying for long term assistance from the Patient Assistance Programs of national pharmaceutical companies.  HealthFriends is located at 126 Eagle Street, Utica, NY. Telephone: 315-724-0988.

  • One Great Hour
    Gifts to One Great Hour enable Christian ministries to reach out to places we ourselves may not be able to go. The offering makes the love of Christ real for individuals and communities here and around the world who suffer the effects of disaster, conflict, or severe economic hardship. Today, projects are underway in more than 100 countries, including the United States and Canada.

  • Utica Rescue Mission
    The Rescue Mission is a Christian ministry endeavoring to assess and unconditionally meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all people coming for assistance.  The Mission provides food services, emergency and transitional housing, addiction crisis and residential treatment programs.  Assistance is provided to both men and women.  The Rescue Mission is located at 212 Rutger Street, Utica, NY. Telephone: 315-735-1645 or you can visit them on the web at www.uticamission.org 




Last Update: 30 May 2017

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