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The Fellowship and Coffee Hour is a time after each Sunday worship service to get to know one another. Coffee is served along with a simple treat such as cookies, pastries, or cake.  At this informal setting, it's a great time for meeting and greeting new and old friends.



Our intergenerational brunch has become a tradition and a significant part of our fellowship. We have a core of families and individuals who have prepared this light meal for all of us to enjoy. Meals are served in the Fellowship Hall, usually the first Sunday of the month, just after the church service. You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to host a brunch. We serve the meal buffet style so soups, chowders, pancake bakes, one-dish egg recipes, hearty coffee cake, muffins, bagels, fruit salads, or one dish casseroles are good ideas.

Anyone wishing to prepare and serve a brunch can even partner up with someone else to share the fun and satisfaction of feeding the flock. You supply a little time, your home grown skill, a little love, and your brunch provides a warm atmosphere where the spirit of Christ flourishes among us. 



The Circle of Joy, is a worship service held at 6:30 pm on the second Monday of each month for people with challenges and developmental disabilities.  At the conclusion of the service, there is time for fellowship and refreshments are served. 

Enter through the handicapped-accessible entrance just off the parking lot behind Fellowship Hall on the Scott Street side of the building.





The church house is full of so many beautiful rooms.  Join us to enjoy each other’s company as we enjoy this amazing space!

WHEN:  Second Saturday of each month

6 – 7 pm:  Fair trade coffee, tea, pot luck snacks and conversation in the Dining Room,  board games in the Red Rug Room, if you are so inclined

7 – 8 pm  -  Music in the Whittemore Room

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Last Update:  22 Jan 2019

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