Christian Education


Christian Education programs at First Presbyterian Church of Utica provides youth, and adult with opportunities to develop and nurture a closer personal relationship with Christ through a variety of means, including Bible study, discussion, sharing, fellowship and prayer.

Children attend the beginning of the worship service with their parents and then invited to come forward to join in a children's sermon and prayer before leaving for church school. 

  • Sunday School
    Younger children learn through the use of song, crafts and play to explore some the same Biblical text(s) and themes being lifted up during that days Worship service.  Classes are taught by several talented volunteers from the congregation.

  • Fellowship
    In participation with other churches, youth are provided indoor and outdoor activities including sports, entertainment and sleepovers.
  • Women's Support Group
    Meets monthly to share ideas, experiences, and determine Presbyterian Women's contributions to charity and the church.

  • Small Group Bible and book studies

  • Weekly liturgy discussions.

  • Small Group Discussions
    Exploring the Scriptures; Listening for God; Eight points of Progressive Christianity.

  • Circle of Joy
    A monthly service for the developmentally disabled.

  • Small Group Lenten Series
    A discussion entitled "The Christ Centered Life".

  • Lenten Luncheon Series
    Annual Ecumenical Lenten program presented by participating Utica area churches.

  • Small Group Advent Series



Last Update: 27 May 2017

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